Patch #48

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    • Today's patch comes with some massive UI and user experience changes for the transport feature!

      • [feature] New feature "Compose transport". It replaces all previous ways of transport and merges them into one. It is way more intuitive and gives you all the information you need to know when planning your trip. Check it out next time you need to move your car/caravan or attraction transport!
      • [feature] Transports and caravans will now no longer be detached from the vehicle upon arrival. They will be automatically pre-selected if you go to the transport screen.
      • [adjusted] Gas stations will be listed in the dropdown directly next to the fairground option and no longer at the end of the list.
      • [adjusted] Location names are extended with their target (headquarters, fairground, gas station) in all places, to avoid misunderstandings.
      • [adjusted] Transport: If the trip cannot be made in one go, the stopover window opens now directly without any extra steps in between.
      • [feature] Stopovers: You can now clearly identify stops that are in reach.
      • [adjusted] Transport: Improved error messages.
      • [adjusted] Slight balancing changes for some snow and rain scenarios
      • [fixed] Location selection: Suggested locations from the tourplan will no longer be duplicates
      • [fixed] No fatal errors anymore on the game start page (happened once in a while to a few players)

      A few screenshots (note: they show German translations, of course all of this is available in English as well):

      Unifies all ways of transport in Funfair Tycoon: The "Compose transport" feature

      New menu to select transports

      New menu to select the driver and optional passengers

      Instant feedback through notices you cannot oversee

      Tractor units will show another image if you select a semi trailer

      Reworked the stopovers feature