Patch #52

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    • Changelog
      • [feature] Fueling: The refueling feature has been simplified! Details:
        • We now only have one type of fuel that powers each type of vehicle in the game.
        • Each gas station can now be used by cars and trucks alike.
        • There are no longer queues for gas stations.
        • The refueling time is now much shorter.
        • The refuel button on each vehicle is now always active - even if the vehicle is not at a gas stations. Instead it will open the transport dialog and an explanatory message. Also, the next gas station will be pre-selected.
        • The UI of the refueling process has been completely changed!
      • [feature] When hiring a new employee you can now select that they are sent to a gas station. Previously, only fairgrounds and headquarters could be selected as a destination.
      • [adjusted] We overhauled the location search, making it easier to search for gas stations.
      • [fixed] Statistics: The new statistics introduced by the previous patch are now much faster.
      • [fixed] Tourplan: On initial load the map didn't jump to the first entry from the list.
      • [new] New family attraction in level 12: Simulator (in 4 different skins: Simulator, Movie Shuttle, Venturer, Time Travel)
      • [new] New thrillride in level 12: Tropical Trip (in 3 different skins: Tropical Trip, Big Wave, Jump Street)
      • [technical] We've upgraded the programming language version and adjusted many places in the game to support this. The Upgrade will make our game faster and more reliable.

      New UI of the refueling process

      New level 12 rides