Patch #53

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    • Time to patch!

      • [feature] Caravan occupancy
        • Each caravan now has a button next to the sleeping spots indicator that will open the occupancy list
        • Employees can be assigned to a different caravan directly from the list
        • For each employee this may only be done every 24 hours
        • The feature "empty caravan" was removed in favour of the new feature.
      • [feature] Shift schedules: New option to prepare for the shift
        • Since patch #49 employees prepare for their next shift, to be as fit as possible when it starts. This increases the consumables demand.
        • When creating a new shift you will now have the option to disable this behaviour for each shift individually.
        • Saving a schedule as template will of course also save this setting.
      • [new] New stall with level 9: Great Tombola (comes with the skins Tombola, Boutique and Silvermine)
      • [fixed] Time of forum posts was displayed wrong.
      • [fixed] After a contractual penalty, you could disassemble a caravan but not sell it until the event was over.
      • [fixed] Inspections: Text variable was displayed instead of an error text.
      • [fixed] Profile: In case of an error, no error messages where displayed when submitting a new post
      • [fixed] The dialog for fueling, creating a shift, buying consumables / spares etc. closed if the slider was released over the dark background.

      New Tombola attraction added to the game