Patch #55

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    • Changelog:
      • [adjusted] Users of our web app (PWA) will now receive a notice should they lose their network connection.
      • [adjusted] In case of following a dead link, we will now display a proper error 404 page.
      • [adjusted] Premium Account: The frequency of attractions displayed in the attraction detail view will now only count active attractions.
      • [adjusted] The europe map filesize decreased, therefore the map will now load slightly faster.
      • [new] New stall "Sweet locomotive" in level 10 (3 different skins available)
      • [fixed] now and then a "Weather API error" was displayed
      • [fixed] some friend feed posts broke the layout
      • [fixed] The feature to rename employees/vehicles/caravans now counts special characters properly.
      • [fixed] a few tooltips were placed badly

      New attraction "Sweet locomotive" with its 3 skins