Pinned IMPORTANT: Rules for event suggestions

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  • IMPORTANT: Rules for event suggestions

    We would like to give you the opportunity to influence the event selection in Funfair Tycoon.
    You can either suggest an event in this forum category or upvote suggestions to reinforce them.

    To keep things clean we do have some


    1. Suggestions may only be real events from within the european region
    2. The event needs to be connected to showmanship (funfairs, fairgrounds, festivals, christmas markets etc.)
    3. Your post should only contain one suggestion (see format below)
    4. If an event ends within a different month than it started, the event needs to be categorized by its first day and may not be posted in the next month again.
    5. Posts within a thread may only contain event suggestions or corrections.

    A post needs to contain these data to be counted:

    • Name of the event
    • Location, postcode, country
    • Event dates (e.g. 01.01.2019 - 11.01.2019)
    • Size of the event (amount of only showman attractions)
    • Alternative to the size: List of attractions (possibly from this or a previous year)
    • Reference source (link to the source [website of the event, source of the attraction list])

    Thanks a lot for your contribution!