Patch #78

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    • Changelog:
      • [new] New Round Ride in Level 32: Break Dance No. 1 (comes in 3 different skins)
      • [feature] Chocolate can now be bought in the market! (Premium Feature)
        • Until now, chocolate was only available in the Advent calendar, but now it can also be purchased in the market
        • like other consumables, chocolate is then in the employees' inventory, but: employees do not take it on their own, you can distribute it to your employees via a button in the inventory
        • a bar of chocolate immediately increases motivation by 1%
        • it is not possible to bring an employee above 100% motivation with chocolate
        • the chocolate is not a substitute for the other consumables! Therefore, this item is limited for each business: Depending on the account level there is a limit of chocolate that may be purchased within 7 days
        • The item is not sold individually, but only in packages and costs additional credits, so it is a premium feature. The limitation ensures that there is no unfair advantage.
      • [adjusted] Purchase of consumable items: When purchasing, the page now no longer reloads. This makes it possible to replenish your inventory faster. A note: This small adjustment is a first step to improve the mechanics and click paths of this feature. However, a more comprehensive solution is planned for the future, which will require more development time than would have been possible within the scope of this patch.
      • [adjusted] Regional associations: On mobile devices with a narrow screen, the menu item "Regional associations" in the bottom bar is often not visible without scrolling/swiping. So the notification icon on the menu item was only visible when actively looking or opening the large menu. What's new: The left menu button now also displays the notification. This only applies to devices that are appropriately narrow and had this problem. This means that all members can no longer miss a notification.
      • [Event] The Funfair Tycoon Easter Egg Hunt returns! In this patch, visual adjustments have been made to the new design of Funfair Tycoon, which will only be active during the period of the event. There are also additional rewards this year! More info will follow soon in a separate topic in the forum.

      New ride: Break Dance No. 1

      New feature: chocolate can now be bought in the market

      Coming soon: The Easter Egg Hunt! This patch prepares for the event that will start on 03.04.

      Mobile: Regional associations: Notification icon now appears further forward in the menu


      I hope you like this patch and I look forward to your feedback