Patch #83

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    • Changelog:

      - [feature] Regional Associations: Assessment of the chances of success of an event proposal.
      - [fixed] Regional Associations: It was possible to create an event although the start date was not yet visible in the demand calendar. Such proposals were automatically rejected by the system but caused confusion. It is now no longer possible to create an event too far in the future.

      New feature: Assessments for event proposals

      Background: After a successful vote within the association, a request is submitted to the city. These requests are automatically reviewed and assessed by our system and then either approved or rejected. Due to the complexity of this process, it is often difficult for associations to consider price levels or other rules. This leads to many rejected requests and repeated attempts.

      New: With the new feature, the most important criteria are already checked and visualised during the creation. The demand, competing events in the area and the average price level are estimated. The assessment is visible for the creator of a proposal, but also for all members as soon as the discussion is opened. Likewise, the display is shown for all events that are in coordination.

      Good to know:
      - The assessment is no guarantee for a successful request, as not all criteria can be checked in advance. In the vast majority of cases, however, you can rely on it.
      - The feature is also available for events created before the patch.
      - the assessment can change at any time, e.g. if other proposals are made or other associations are active in the region, as well as if proposals are approved