Patch #46 - [Winter season]

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    • Patch #46 - [Winter season]

      For the first time ever, Funfair Tycoon will have a proper winter season with festive attractions, a new wintermode for site plan creators and famous christmas markets.

      The new events for the upcoming month will be added soon.

      • [new] New Christmas attraction: Small hut (level 0) with 2 different skins
      • [new] New Christmas attraction: Medium hut (level 2) with 2 different skins
      • [new] New Christmas attraction: Small carousel (level 3) with 3 different skins
      • [new] New Christmas attraction: Mulled wine (level 4) with 3 different skins
      • [new] New Christmas attraction: Small ice rink (level 5) with 2 different skins
      • [feature] Applications with Christmas attractions are only possible for events where they will be allowed.
      • [feature] Applications with non-Christmas attractions for Christmas events are only possible if attractions of that category will be allowed.
      • [feature] Site plans: Winter mode! You can now switch between summer and winter - grass tiles will be converted to snow.
      • [new] Site plans: 2 new trees were added that match the winter mode

      Winter season in Funfair Tycoon

      A few infos on how the winter season works in the game:

      • Christmas events are not extra highlighted right now, but you will be able to spot them by their names
      • Christmas attractions are in general only to be operated on Christmas events. However, especially in November, there are quite some hybrid events.
      • As described in the changelog above, we prevent you from applying if you want to apply with an attraction of a category that won't be accepted. This is to save you the application fees.
      • Christmas attractions are a bit cheaper compared to other attractions in their level. They are only used for 1-2 events and right now we don't have an option in the game to store these attractions for another use in the next year - so if you want to continue using your business, you have to sell the attraction after use.
      • You don't need to buy a Christmas attraction, it's completely up to you. We will continue to offer regular funfair events even in winter, no need to take a break from playing our game! However, be aware that most attractions suffer under the cold temperatures and harsh winter weather. It's best if you check the details of your attraction and judge if you might want to switch to a Christmas attraction instead. Your game, your choice.

      You can post any questions and comments below :)