Patch #47

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    • Here's our latest patch. I've focused mainly on bugfixes for this one, and on top there is an improvement for the tutorial.
      Bigger changes to existing features can be expected in the next patch.


      • [adjusted] Tutorial: It's now more clear that the tutorial event will be pre-poned.
      • [fixed] Registration: E-Mails with spaces in the end were considered invalid. We now filter spaces automatically.
      • [fixed] Registration: Player names could be double if at least one character was different in being upper- or lowercase.
      • [fixed] Maintenance: No wages were deducted for employees doing maintenance.
      • [fixed] Caravans: If a caravan was set up in time, but the attraction not, the caravan could not be dismantled again after receiving the contractual penalty.
      • [fixed] Umlauts in custom names for caravans and employees were not displayed properly.
      • [fixed] On the game index page, forum threads with special characters were not displayed properly.
      • [fixed] Special characters in status posts or comments were not always displayed properly.
      • [fixed] Mobile: The box of attraction transports on the attraction page was cut off on some resolutions.
      • [fixed] Attractions: Buttons for setup or dismantling were not disabled in cases where they should be.